Biden admin planned on using DHS to target political dissidents in an election year

Stephen Miller, President of America First Legal and former Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump shared a thread today: 

"Internal documents — Biden planned on using the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to target political dissent in an election year."

"Documents show Biden’s Department of Homeland Security intel group used January 6 and the Mar-a-Lago raid to justify expanding surveillance of political dissent. The group advocated for “collection based on speech” — as in spying on Americans for criticizing their government."

America First Legal continued, "Today, we are releasing the third tranche of internal files from the “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group,” obtained exclusively through our litigation with Richard Grenell against the Biden DHS."

"Today’s installment: One group member noted that “prior to January 6th” (i.e., under the Trump administration), analysts thought that “it was inappropriate to collect” intelligence on Americans. Following January 6, however, they observed that there had been a change in collection and reporting methods."
The documents indicate that under the Biden Administration, the federal government has used January 6 to justify expanding efforts to collect intelligence on what they deem “DVE” or “Domestic Violent Extremists.”
America First Legal continues, "As the second installment of the #DeepStateDiaries showed, “DVE” or “domestic violent extremists” is the group’s term for people who are “religious,” “in the military,” or support President Trump."
"The Brennan-Clapper group discussed “collection based on sites where they expect to see indicators,” suggesting that the federal government sought to monitor sites they viewed as “domestic extremism threats.”'
"Notably, one group member asked, “When you are looking at speech online, how do you know if it is serious? Political? Hyperbole?” Keep reading…"
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