SPOOKY: ESPN went dark after Aaron Rodgers said he was a spike protein for Halloween

It took just one minute for Dr. Fauci’s name to get broached during Aaron Rodgers’ Tuesday interview on The Pat McAfee Show. And just 10 seconds after that, ESPN curiously went dark on some platforms.

In celebration of Halloween Tuesday afternoon, McAfee was dressed as the late killer whale Lolita, while show contributor A.J. Hawk wore an Edward Scissorhands costume. Aaron Rodgers, however, arrived on screen without a costume.

“I had my costume on last night,” Rodgers said. “But couldn’t wear it today, apologize.”

Rodgers, who previously dressed up as Rambo, John Wick, and Nick Cage in Con Air, had The Pat McAfee Show curious about what his Halloween Eve costume was.

“What was it, Fauc?” Hawk asked. “What was it?”

After other guesses including a doctor, scientist and vaccine were mentioned, Rodgers joked that he was a spike protein, presumably the one released into the body by COVID vaccines. Weirdly, “spike protein” was the last audible thing uttered on The Pat McAfee Show before ESPN lost connection on cable and went dark for the next 12 minutes.

The glitch seemed to only occur on cable, so if you were streaming the show, watching on YouTube TV or YouTube, your enjoyment was probably uninterrupted. But for many who were consuming the show linearly on ESPN, the technical issue was conspicuous.

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