Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ethiopia, Iran and Egypt have officially confirmed to join BRICS

South Africa has announced that five of the six nations invited to join the BRICS bloc from January 1 have officially confirmed their participation. The inclusion of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Iran, and Egypt is expected to enhance the economic strength of BRICS, whose current members are China, Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa. This expansion aligns with the bloc’s aspiration to champion the interests of the Global South.

The decision to include these nations comes amid a significant level of interest, with 22 countries formally expressing their desire to join the BRICS group. Additionally, an equal number have informally communicated their interest in becoming part of this influential bloc. This development highlights the growing appeal and perceived importance of BRICS on the global stage.

The potential integration of these new members could have far-reaching implications, not only in terms of economic collaboration but also in strengthening BRICS’ position as a collective advocate for the interests of developing nations. As the bloc expands, it may further solidify its role as a key player in shaping global economic and political dynamics.


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