Conservatives Outraged: Netflix Made Alexander the Great Gay

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  • Source: TMZ
  • 02/07/2024
TMZ reported, "Conservatives are up in arms over Netflix's depiction of Alexander The Great as a gay man in their new docuseries ... despite a long-standing belief that the dude was definitely bi.

The "End Wokeness" X account -- widely known in right-wing circles -- took offense to ATG, played by Buck Braithwaite, kissing his pal Hephaestion early in the first episode of "Alexander: The Making of a God".
  The account wrote, "Netflix made a new documentary about Alexander The Great. Within the first 8 minutes, they turned him gay."

Despite the indignation from the conservative-leaning account -- not to mention from its followers -- even more people were quick to point out ... Alexander is widely considered to have been something other than just straight-up heterosexual, even by historians.

X fact-checked the comments ... under the initial post, it was noted ancient historians and scholars had widely accepted Alexander was bisexual and believed to have had long-standing intimate relationships with both men and women.

End Wokeness doubled down on their outrage, writing: "It's still unproven speculation and should definitely not be shoved into the first 8 minutes."

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